Monday, June 13, 2011

Can 'Badrinath' be another 'Veera'?

Can 'Badrinath' be another 'Veera'?

An obvious, open fact everybody has to accept is that remarks of critics and ratings of reviewers have become irrelevant in deciding fate of movies these days. Audiences are final judges and collections are final reports that would settle the final destiny of a film and people connected to it financially. True that ‘Veera’ was given very bad ratings and a disaster talk was forecasted mercilessly (thanks to the film’s pathetic content). 
Instead Mass Maharaja repeated his magic with good revenues still sustaining in B & C Centres thus making movie reach safe shores irrespective of the budget kept. Now,‘badrinath’ which has got similar bad talk is also expected to take same route given the long gap available for next big release and the kind of action episodes picturized by VV Vinayak. Let us see, how far Geetha Arts and Allu Aravind will succeed in this as we get the first and second week collections.

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