Monday, June 13, 2011

Gunasekhar reveals the other side of 'His Story'

‘Idee Naa Katha,’ the auto-biography of producer ms reddy (Mallemala) is raking controversies shaking top most celebrities in industry like Junior NTR and Gunasekhar. An auto-biography which needs to be filled with authentic and inspirational information seems to have turned into a book of ‘Fictions,’ if a version of Gunasekhar is to be heard about. Calling shots on this ace director as ‘Troublesome’ for not bailing him out of financial troubles faced by producing ‘Bala Ramayanam,’ the old man dared to rate character of Junior NTR as ‘Pogarubothu’ showing no respect towards elders.

Reason behind ms reddy getting frustrated with Gunasekhar is because of shifting his loyalties to MS Raju for the making of ‘Okkadu.’ Altogether we have a different version from Gunasekhar, who lives it for inner soul of ms reddy to unravel the facts before drawing the deductions.

‘As ‘Mruga Raju’ was flopped just before the commencement of ‘Okkadu,’ producer ms reddy approached Mahesh Babu with a suggestion to change the director that is my self. Later, MS Raju entered into the scene supporting me in delivering the hit. As a gesture towards Reddy, my self and Junior NTR wanted to do a film for him which never came into being,’ said Gunasekhar thus revealing the other side of ms reddy’s story (Idee Naa Katha)

If that was Guna’s reality bite, now one has to see how will Junior NTR expose a new angle in this Reddy gari Katha?

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