Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nina Agdal is drop-dead gorgeous

The remarkably sexy Nina Agdal is wearing a series of bikinis on a beach for the good folks at Calzedonia, which is nice of her. Although we assume she’s being paid to do so.
You know the drill by now – every now and again there’s a new model who’s tremendously good-looking and wears clothes for a lingerie or bikini company, but we don’t know a damn thing about her, nor can we find out anything useful. Not that you especially mind that we can’t find anything useful because you’re just looking at the pictures.
Nina Agdal for Calzedonia
This time, rather than providing you with no information whatsoever, we’re instead going to provide you with information only tangentially related to Nina Agdal and her Calzedonia shoot. And even then, one of the facts is provably untrue. Let’s go!
Nina Agdal for Calzedonia lingerie
1) NINA was once short for ‘No Irish Need Apply,’ which was liberally used in job adverts back in the 19th Century to put Irish folk off on account of their perceived stupidity, drunkenness and misbehaviour. Bad times.
Nina Agdal for Calzedonia
2) AGDAL is an urban community of Rabat, the capital of Morocco. There is almost no potential for humour in this fact. Let’s move on.
Nina Agdal for Calzedonia
3) CALZEDONIA is a cross between Caledonia and calzone, in as much as it’s an archaic term for the folded-over pizzas that were produced in Scotland during the time of the Roman invasion of Britain.
Nina Agdal for Calzedonia
There. Don’t you all feel more enlightened? If you know which one of these supposed facts is false

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