Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vishnu's Love For 'Twin Children'

It is often said by the wise men that affinity and connection towards kids is a great trait and not many tend to have that, especially among men. But here is one man who is not only known for his family brand name but also for his special connects with the children.

He is Manchu Vishnu and it is heard that he loves twin children a lot. Now that he is married to his lady love Viraanica, friends of Vishnu reveal that he is anticipating that he should get twin children. They add that Vishnu is also offering special prayers for that.

Those who heard this in the cine circuit say “Let us hope atleast these prayers of his get answered. As such, nothing much is happening in professional life so let us hope atleast his personal life is happy. Well…it remains to be seen how far his prayers will be answered then.”

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