Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ram Charan Still In 'M' Hangover

It is quite common to see directors and heroes getting bouts of hangover whenever they score a blockbuster hit. Many say that the success of the film ‘Simha’ got director Boyapati Srinu into a hangover mode and that’s what led to the downfall of his next project ‘Dammu’. And here is another talk.
Some of them are stating that Ram Charan still seems to be the ‘Magadheera’ hangover. Charan’s passion for horse riding is known but it has increased after the film. He also got a gift from his wife for his birthday. As if that is not enough, here is another news about Charan and his new hangover.
It is heard that the mega powerstar is learning archery. While it is not sure if it is a recently developed passion or was always there those who heard about Charan and his activities feel strongly that he seems to be under the influence of ‘Magadheera’ still. Wonder what Cherry has to say to this.

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