Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is this an Evidence for Rajamouli's Corruption?

Director S S Rajamouli is known for his integrity and his down to earth nature. Those who worked with him closely vouch that he is quite an honest man with a lot of values and working ethics. But here is something which Rajamouli has been doing and this has brought him into a bit of a focus. Well, Rajamouli has been seen mingling a lot with the media circles in Mumbai and trying to be in their good books. This is the pic where he posed with Bollywood's ace film critic Taran Adarsh. It is true that in Bollywood media is very powerful and they don’t bend easily for film folks. As such, Rajamouli never did that in Tollywood but in Bollywood he seems to be going out of his way. All this has been the observation of one section of media who has reportedly mentioned that Rajamouli is corrupting the Bollywood media. Well, it is not correct on that media source to say something like that about Rajamouli. He is even endorsing Lok Satta, a party branded for no-corruption. On the other hand, sources from Mumbai say that Rajamouli is not running behind media, but media people are behind Rajamouli just out of craze. Yes, he is known as the original master for the super hit film Rowdy Rathore and now Son of Sardar.

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