Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rangam Director's Strange Habit

KV Anand (Rangam, Brothers fame) is widely regarded as one of the finest filmmakers in the country at the moment. This hotshot director have a strange habit, but he doesn't want to change it or overcome either. The main complaint from the cast and crew of KV Anand's films is that this ace director never pats on the back of artists and technicians after a difficult shot. He was always nervous about the output on the sets and the only time he enjoys his work is when the audience like his film. KV Anand is one of those directors who never gets satisfied with their efforts and always try for a betterment in whatever they do. For example, several shots in his upcoming film Brothers has as many as 20 takes each. After finishing multiple takes for a particular shot, even if the output was good he encourages the artists to experiment and trying something contrast to what they had done upto then. This strategy of Anand is bringing the best out of his team and the uncompromising nature is his biggest asset. According to director, the film Brothers is more than conjoined twins. The script which has got several twists & turns, Suriya's performance as the twins Akilan and Vimalan will make it a special outing. Expect a cracker from Suriya-KV Anand's deadly combo on Oct 12!

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