Friday, May 23, 2014

Akkineni Akhil Electrifies 'Manam' Climax!!!

Contrary to King Nagarjuna's statement that Akhil Akkineni hasn't acted in the family's grand gala 'Manam', the youngster made his debut on silver screen with this flick literally. He has just electrified the finishing of the flick with a perfect topping. Akhil has appeared in 'Manam' in the climax of the movie and that is just for a scene. This news was brought live by many in media by it is shocking that Nag denied it calling it as a rumour. Maybe he wanted to keep his younger son's entry as a surprise, but intelligent media people have blown the lids already. Of course, director Vikram of Manam made sure that Akhil will get an electrifying entry such that audiences will feel it like an icing on the cake. Anyway, Manam will be called complete picture now as it features all the heirs of Akkineni's legacy, with Nagarjuna, Chaitanya and Akhil rocking it all over. Catch that wonderful moment in theatres folks! -

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