Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Well, After Tennis, Sania Mirza Is Now Eyeing Films

Usually, famous sports persons end up being linked to top film stars. And the film industry has always been quite accommodative of famous people from various fields and sports is no different. Right now, tennis star Sania Mirza is being flooded with offers. Though the Manchu brothers were keen on launching her some time back, she had politely turned them down. Later Nithiin too tried to offer her a film. But she said no to him too. Goes without saying Bollywood film-makers too tried to woo her, but she resisted them. Now, she is nearing the fag end of her career. So looks like Sania Mirza has decided to focus on films. She has also started leaking stories saying that she has got an offer from Hollywood. Though she is quite camera-friendly and seems keen to act, Telugu audiences may not particularly welcome her as she is already married. It is being said that her fitness levels have come down as far as her game is concerned. So the shrewd girl is looking to cash out on her fame by acting in a few films. Of course, she already has an academy that will keep her busy once she retires. - See more at: http://www.greatandhra.com/movies/movie-news/well-after-tennis-she-is-now-eyeing-films-61692.html#sthash.EWUXOy28.dpuf

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