Saturday, February 28, 2015

Legend Star Balayya's Fans To Give Him A Special Gift

Fans of Balayya are getting ready to give him a special gift. It is said that they have decided on presenting him a lion in keeping with his image and since it also coincides with the name of his forthcoming film. Incidentally, Balayya is also called the Nandamuri Nata Simham, so the fans decided that it would be apt gift for their hero. Talk in Film Nagar is that by the time Balayya’s 100th film will be ready, the lion will also be ready. The sculpture will be four and half feet tall and it is being estimated that it would cost about Rs 1 lakh by the time it is done. The lion will also have a small plaque on it which will carry Balayya’s wife Vasundhara’s words inscribed on it. Now his fans are eagerly waiting for his 100th film to happen.

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