Monday, December 7, 2015

Amma Should Learn From Naidu!

Unlike Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, his Tamil Nadu counter-part Jayalalithaa failed to to be on the ground during Chennai floods. Considered as one of the worst floods to hit Tamil Naidu in this Century, people are closely watching the actions of politicians and how are they responding. Jaya made a big mistake by not monitoring the situation on ground zero. Whereas, Mr Naidu had led from the front whenever a natural clamaity struck AP. Be it the cyclones that struck AP in the 90s or recent Hudhud cyclone that devastated Vizag last year, Mr Naidu went all out in setting the things in order. Jaya failed to do so leaving mixed reactions from her people. Camping in a bus for over 10 days and monitoring the situation at the grass-root level, Naidu proved his integrity, commitment for people. As per the reports, people of TN are said to be angry on AIADMK for its poor disaster management. In addition to this, few of AIADMK supporters, party workers hampered the rescue operations by pestering them to publicise Jaya's pictures on the relief material. This naturally not only invited the flak but stroked a major controversy as Opposition DMK slammed the government. Political analysts predict the Chennai floods are going to have a huge affect on AIADMK in 2016 polls. However, AIADMK party activists are confident that Amma could be back by announcing few freebies so that people of TN would forget everything. Let's see.

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