Thursday, December 24, 2015

Another Shock From 'Director' Sukumar!

Sukumar has scored a blockbuster success with his first attempt as producer. Kumari 21F made on Sukumar Writings turned out to be a big success at the box office as it catered to the youngsters. Sukumar has come up with a very bold script and shocked everyone with an unexpected ending. Kumari 21F success has boosted his confidence so much that he is now gearing up to launch yet another film on his banner. Second film on Sukumar Writings is titled Director and will have story and screenplay written by Sukumar. Details regarding the star cast are awaited. Ratnavelu and Devi Sri Prasad will be the cinematographer and music director respectively. They will share profits with Sukumar like they did for Kumari 21F. It is interesting to see what will Sukumar come up with now. We can expect even bolder and even trendier script from the writer and director known for his out of the box ideas.

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