Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Buzz: Sailaja Got Stamped As It Is

Upcoming January 1st will mark the release of hero Ram's latest movie "Nenu.. Sailaja". Our hero pinned all of his hopes on the realistic entertainer after eating pot shots through some failed films in the recent times. Here is an interesting update about the film. Other day, this Ram and Keerthi Suresh starrer directed by Kishore Tirumala has gone through Censor scissors. Interestingly the examining board members haven't found even in a single shot to cut or sound to mute after watching the movie. Without any cuts, the movie was given an "U" certificate, which is a rarest of the rare happening in the recent times. Seems like the comedy and romance in this film are natural and positive family-loving type. That's the reason the film obtained U certificate. Hope all this excitement will live for a long time at box office after the film releases. Devi Sri Prasad's music for the film has scored well already.


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  2. After back-to-back duds like Shivam, Masala, Ongole Githa, Ram is going through downward spiral. With this, his latest offing becomes crucial film for his career at this juncture. Ram, who badly needs a hit, comes up with a safe bet – romantic story. Titled Nenu Sailaja Review, the film’s promos were refreshing, promising. Find out our verdict