Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hero & Heroine Caught Red Handed By Wife

Extramarital affairs and casual flings are nothing new in Bollywood. Often, B-town stars make headlines when their secret affairs are exposed by the media. But what the wife of a noted Bollywood actor did has shocked not just Bollywood but also the paparazzi. A popular actor, who has a few well known Bollywood films and TV serials to his credit, was on an outdoor shoot at a hill station for his upcoming film. Apparently, the actor has been in a passionate fling with his co-actress, who is a popular face in the world of advertising and Bollywood, for quite some time. During a shooting break, the actor and the said actress were having sex in his caravan and that was when the actor's wife stormed into the sets and caught them red handed. Apparently, the devastated wife created a huge scene after seeing her husband in a compromising position with the actress. The incident has now led the wife to apply for divorce. In the past, the actor's alleged affair was in the news but he managed to hush it up. His co-actress endorses a popular fairness cream brand. -

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