Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kajal Agarwal To Be Seen Only For Short Span?

Mahesh Babu will be romancing three heroines in his next film Brahmotsavam that is currently under progress in Ooty. Kajal Agarwal and Pranitha have been shooting for this movie in the cold weather and Kajal has been posting her latest pictures on her facebook handle. Seeing her updates and photographs, many are under assumption that she is the main heroine, not Samantha. But the fact is different, says a source from the unit. Kajal Agarwal will not be seen throughout the movie where as Samantha will be there in the entire runtime of the film, they have revealed. Kajal Agarwal's is the best role in the film but hers is not the main heroine character, they told us. Mahesh Babu will have romantic scenes with all three gorgeous women, they added. But Kajal is happy that she is getting to act with Mahesh Babu once again. She needs another boost to her career in Tollywood. This would give her much-required success.

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