Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rajamouli Opens Up On Garuda

Baahubali director SS Rajamouli has finally spilled some beans about his upcoming project Garuda that has become a hot topic in media circles. Rajamouli agreed that he has plans to make Garuda in the near future. But he denied the reports about considering few superstars for it. Rajamouli denied approaching either Mohan Lal or someone else for Garuda. “Mohan Lal is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema. I would love to work with him. But it is too early to think about the star cast for Garuda. I didn’t even have the script ready yet. I have plans to do Garuda but it will take some time before I start visualizing it. So it is too early to think about actors,” Rajamouli said. When he was asked about his dream project ‘Mahabharata’, without any hesitations, Rajamouli said that he needs at least 10 years of experience in VFX department to attempt such a vast project. Rajamouli recently started filming Baahubali 2. He will be working on it for at least fifteen months from now. So he wouldn’t be thinking about his next films until mid 2017.

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