Monday, December 7, 2015

Samantha Badly Hit by Floods

The incessant rains have left people of Chennai in a despair condition. The denizens of rain-battered city were hit by poor network and power cut. Heroine Samantha and her family too couldn't escape. None other than Sam shared the plight of her and her family. "I could not even speak with my parents for three days because of the bad network...I've been spending sleepless nights for the past one week! I have so many relatives and friends stuck there; they are suffering! So many people in Chennai don't even have food and water, I feel so guilty," said Samantha who was in Vijayawada for a cause. The Chennai girl further said, "I was always proud to be a Chennaiite and will do whatever I can to help the flood victims. I also request all you people to do your bit to help. In Vijayawada, Samantha spent her valuable time with underprivileged children, who recently underwent heart surgeries. Apart from having lunch with the tiny tots and interacting with their parents, Samantha also discussed their health with the doctors.

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