Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sreenu Vaitla Blames Mega Camp For Bruce Lee?

Director VV Vinayak has dignifiedly admitted that Akhil was his mistake. He said he shouldn’t have messed up Akhil’s debut movie in such a way when there were high expectations on him. Vinayak is such a gentleman that he took the blame for the failure of his movie and said he will try not to repeat such mistakes in the future. If the buzz from film circles is to be believed director Sreenu Vaitla is blaming mega camp for the failure of Bruce Lee. Sreenu Vaitla is telling that he is not given free hand for Bruce Lee and had to bow down to what Chiranjeevi or Charan asked is what the buzz says. As per the grapevine he has approached Akhil Akkineni with the same excuse by blaming mega camp for the failure of Bruce Lee. Interestingly writer Kona Venkat openly stated that Sreenu Vaitla should be blamed for Bruce Lee’s failure. The veteran writer was not ready to take the blame for Bruce Lee’s failure despite doing a lot of noise prior to the release. Reports say that Sreenu Vaitla approached Ram for his next film but gossip winery is abuzz that the director is still trying his best to grab an opportunity to direct Akhil Akkineni’s second flick. Vaitla is a very good friend of Nagarjuna and therefore he is hoping that Nag will give him the much needed break.

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