Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Story Behind Ram's Title Change

It's common knowledge by now that the Ram's upcoming film has been named as Nenu Sailaja. Initially, the film was called as Hari Katha. But not many don't know why it's renamed as Nenu Sailaja. Here's the small story behind it. Hero Ram plays role of youth Hari in the movie and he himself narrates his own story in the film. Hence it's called as Hari Katha. But later makers opted for title change as they somehow wanted better title. Since it's Hari who narrates the film and he tells about his love interest Sailaja (Keerthy Suresh), it's renamed as Nenu...Sailaja (Me...Sailaja). Also titles like Hari...Sailaja were considered but finally zeroed in on Nenu...Sailaja. Meanwhile, the film has got U certificate from regional Censor Board and it's all set for wide release on Jan 1. Ram is pinning high hopes on the film that it'd break his jinx and bring him back to success. Already, the film's trailer has garnered great buzz. Let's wait and see. Nenu Sailaja, Nenu Sailaja cinema, Nenu Sailaja songs, Nenu Sailaja review, Nenu Sailaja cinema review