Monday, December 7, 2015

The Actress Who Slapped Chiru 24 Times

Senior actress Radhika Sarathkumar made her Tollywood debut with the Megastar Chiranjeevi starrer Nyayam Kavali in 1981. Radhika was just about 18 years old by that time and she was completely clueless with the language, people and the whole Tollywood setup. In her latest interview to a Telugu news channel, Radhika revealed a few interesting incidents from her debut film experience. Radhika said that in one scene she was supposed to slap Chiranjeevi hard and that she couldn't get the shot right as she struggled to utter her dialogues properly and the director wasn't happy. This made Radhika to take 24 takes and in all the 24 takes Radhika slapped Chiru. After the shot was okayed, Radhika profusely apologized to Chiru for slapping him so hard. A thorough professional, Chiru, whose cheeks were all red by then, jokingly 'thanked' Radhika for at least getting the shot right after 24 takes.

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