Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Why Thursday Releases Are Growing?

Things are changing in Tollywood. Friday is no longer the most important day when all new films get released. Slowly, Friday release is being replaced by Thursday release. This trend is quite pronounced during the last three weeks. The idea is if a film is released on Thursday, the producers will get a long week. If it released, it would be just three days. These are times when the films don't last into the second week and if the film doesn't get enough revenues in the first three days, it is as good as lost. The first three day collections have become key to a film's success. Given this situation, some clever film makers are now releasing on Thursday as it gives them an additional day. Those who are habituated to watch movies on the first day itself, diehard film buffs and fans will watch on Thursday, while the usual crowd, including the multiplex crowd, will watch the movie on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This makes the life of a released film longer. So, that explains why more and more film makers are opting for Thursday release.

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